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Frozen Egg Pricing

How much do frozen donor eggs cost?
When shipping to an affiliated clinic, the cost of donor eggs is as follows:

Standard Tier
$2,500 each

Premier Tier
$3,000 each

When looking at and comparing the costs of donor eggs, a few questions come to mind and might be a factor in the end cost. Many of those might be answered when purchasing frozen eggs as it probably saves you lots of time, money, emotional burden, and other things that a full-cycle might create. 

Our frozen eggs program can save you up to 60% of the cost of a full cycle, save you lots of time, and ease the emotional burden as the eggs are ready to ship or fertilize with no need to wait in addition to having no stress and risk of something that might come up when the donor coming for a cycle and issues might happen in her retrieval causing you to have no eggs or few eggs and be financially responsible for the expenses.

Our unique and innovative frozen egg program is a word-changing and industry-breaking program, allowing you to lower your expenses while increasing your chances of success and building a tailor-made package that fits your exact personal needs package that fits your exact personal needs and inspiration aspirations.

All our frozen eggs are mature eggs that are good and ready for fertilization.

We are the only program - that handpick our bank donor based on a wide variety of criteria including education, religion, health, race, fertility, and more. Ensuring each profile will have detailed information on the donor and at least 30 pictures and videos of the donor so you can relate and connect as much as possible to your chosen donor.


We are the only program - that a frozen eggs batch starts with 8 frozen eggs (not 6), giving you more chances for more embryos and even an option for future kids from the same batch, we are giving more eggs compared to the other egg banks as we want you to ensure you achieve the best result possible and best chances for a successful cycle. 


We are the only program - that allows you to purchase extra eggs if you wish depending on the availability of eggs from your chosen donor. No need to buy in batches or commit and pay for extra batches, you can simply add 1-2-3 or any number you wish extra and save money. That makes our program very flexible you your needs.
Our team can advise you on how many eggs should you purchase, depending on how many kids you want to achieve from your journey.

We are the only program - that gives you more eggs and 2 blastocyst guarantee* so you can rest assured you will not end empty-handed and you will create embryos fast and safely, giving you this peace of mind in the process.

*terms and conditions apply

How to determine whether a donor is classified as standard or premier?

Compensation, travel expenses, and recruitment efforts are combined in this status; however, this has no bearing on the donors' success rate, as all donors are required to meet or exceed the same donation criteria. The differentiation between standard and premier donors can be identified within the detailed profile of each donor. 

Premier Donors are a combination of donors who have attained education from Ivy League institutions or highly-regarded universities, those who have achieved a higher level of education, have an exceptionally high reputation, popularity, or social standing, and donors who are of Jewish heritage.
Standard Donors refer to healthy, screened donors, who meet our bank eligibility requirements. These requirements include factors such as age, medical history, fertility level, and overall health.

What does this mean for the overall price of donor eggs?

Our 8 frozen donor eggs package starts at $19,800. If you wish to broaden your objectives, the opportunity to acquire additional eggs, beyond the minimum of 8 eggs, is possible and we can discuss this with you. This program is particularly recommended and praised by those who are planning to have one or two children. Your doctor can also provide personalized recommendations on the ideal number of eggs tailored to your specific circumstances.


The cost of the frozen donor egg includes the following:

  • All expenses incurred by the donor, including compensation, travel, medication, monitoring appointments, and legal charges

  • Complete surgical costs associated with the donor

  • Comprehensive medical screening for the donor, involving tests for infectious diseases, genetic assessments, and psychological evaluations

  • One-year storage service for the frozen material

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