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For Intended Parents

“ It is your journey, so why wait for another second? Start today with The Chosen Egg Bank, where convenience meets parental needs. ” 

Egg donation is a way to help others achieve their dreams of having children. Egg donors play a generous role in assisting deserving parents in the creation process of extending their family. As diverse as our pool of parents is, we are proud to share the same can be said regarding our pool of donors. We have an array of donors from various races, educational backgrounds, professions, etc., to ensure we have choices for everyone we welcome. We aim to make this process as seamless, stress-free, and convenient as possible since this should be one of the happiest journeys you embark on.






Our Donor EggBank 

At Chosen One Egg Bank, we acknowledge that one single path to parenthood does not exist thus, our job is to create multiple paths that fit our client's needs. This was the idea behind establishing our very own Frozen Egg Donor Bank after several years of planning. We know that becoming a parent is both the most difficult and rewarding experience of one's life, so we offer recipients a variety of donors and minimal waiting. Our egg bank makes it possible for recipients to choose a donor based on their physical appearance, level of education, and family background. This allows our intended parents to explore more options that aim to reduce worry while providing feasible rates and successful results.


All our donors must complete an extensive application, and from that pool of donors, we hand-pick the most qualified to partake in our egg bank program. Both fresh and frozen eggs have their pros, and the option is ultimately made by you. That said, we are here to provide information and guidance as you take this step and any other that comes along the way. We are committed to providing you with the best possible service, and to that end, we meet the highest standards set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) as well as FDA guidelines.

Chosen Egg Bank


Chosen Egg Bank provides both quality and convenience for individuals in search of the ideal donor egg. Each year, we successfully match hundreds of intended parents with donors, enabling families to embark on their growth journey. While fresh egg donations are still an option, the demand for frozen eggs is steadily growing. Our enduring partnerships with leading fertility clinics offer parents the peace of mind that their frozen eggs are managed with the utmost expertise and care.

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Why Frozen Eggs is becoming the preferred option?

Here are some of the benefits our frozen eggs program offers:


Minimal Waiting

Unlike full cycles that can take a few months to complete, we have frozen eggs available for immediate use. Get your eggs now with no wait or hassle!

Save More

This program is convenient since you can do it at your own pace. Our frozen egg bank program can save parents up to 60% off the cost of a full fresh cycle and is a viable alternative to traditional programs that are typically more time and financially consuming.



Less Stress

The frozen egg program takes away the worry of unforeseen bumps along the road such as if an egg donor fails her screening, has a low ovarian response, or working with a donor's tricky schedule.

Maximum Success

Our egg bank’s success rate is on par with the results of a full cycle as we work with an expert lab whose head has more than 22 years of experience freezing eggs.


Considering the success rate of this program, it is worth noting that the Frozen Egg Program is more favorable for those who do not want many children or biological siblings. For those who are looking for an option to jumpstart their process and ideally want 1-2 kids, this can be a much more optimal path.

Also keeping in mind you have the option to purchase additional eggs if desired.

CEB Laboratory Fertilizes Eggs

Why Chosen Egg Bank? 

You may have come across several other agencies or Egg Banks in your search, but allow us to explain how Chosen Egg Bank sets itself apart. Our goal is to make your experience as comfortable as possible. We aim to provide a supportive environment where all your questions are addressed and you can proceed confidently.

Here at CEB, you're not just an intended parent or donor. You're on an inspiring journey to find the perfect donor or share an irreplaceable gift, and we want to be alongside you to walk you through. That's why we set out to create an Egg Bank program that would be there for donors and parents every step of the way. For our intended parents, we provide the guidance, knowledge, and convenience to assist you in selecting a donor. In our donor database, you will see 30 photos in each donor's profile, including recent pictures and a video of her talking about herself.

We've consistently partnered with a top-tier laboratory known for its exceptional performance and success rates. By collaborating with them, we have achieved remarkable outcomes and provided our patients with the highest quality of service. As a result of our strong associations with these cutting-edge laboratories, we have played a significant role in helping many individuals and families realize their dreams of parenthood.

progyny Insurance partners chosen eggbank

Chosen Egg Bank accepts “Progyny” insurance. For more information about how to use Smart Cycles,

please contact our professional team at


Stoke Club Insurance partners chosen eggbank

Chosen Egg Bank accepts “Stork Club”

For more information about how to use Smart Cycles, please contact our professional team at 833-880-0800.

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