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The Chosen Egg Bank database contains a lot of donor profiles, over 30 photos in each donor's profile (childhood, teenage, and recent photos), including a video for each donor!! We pride ourselves in providing such vast insight on our donors through the large catalog of photos and personal video. We aim to help make this personable journey more meaningful and ensure you pick the right donor

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What makes us different?
Many babies have been born from the sourcing of our egg bank including frozen eggs. We have helped to provide families with the opportunity to grow. We are proud of our role in helping create new lives and families. This is thanks to our unique technology during egg freezing and the meticulous expertise of the head of our laboratory.
Our egg bank recommends taking at least 8 frozen eggs in order to get a good result and a safe process in getting 1 or even 2 babies.

Matching Process

To better understand how the process works at Chosen Egg Bank, it's important to know the steps involved in egg donation:

Fertility Center:
We have partnered with clinics that employ the most advanced vitrification technology and have extensive experience in egg freezing. You can choose to work with this clinic and lab throughout the entire process, from egg collection to embryo transfer. You also have the option to work with a different fertility center or clinic of your choice, and we would ensure to work collaboratively with them. If you choose an alternate clinic, our embryology team will work with your clinic to provide all the necessary information and equipment to receive the eggs. We will also be in contact with your third-party reproductive coordinator to make sure they have received the eggs before your scheduled embryo transfer cycle.

2. Donor Selection:
Our Egg Bank program gives you access to a large selection of frozen eggs and is an excellent alternative both in price and procedure to a full cycle with a donor. This program allows intended parents to have the ability to start as soon as they are ready and not have to go through the planning and hurdles of a full cycle. If you know that you want to use frozen eggs, filtering your search by this preference will narrow it down to donors who have frozen eggs with us and are readily available. We are consistently expanding and adding new donors every week, and we are happy to contact you when new frozen donors are available that we think will align with your interests. These interests include donor ethnicity, physical attributes, educational accomplishments, athletic abilities, etc.

  • Egg Donors With Photos and Video:
    Believe it or not, we are the only egg bank that requires our donors to provide 30 photos and a video displayed on their profiles (photos inclusive of baby, childhood, teenage, and current photos of themselves, and upon request, photos with family). This grants you the same opportunity to get an in-depth look into the donors partaking in our egg bank program as you would for a traditional full cycle, as you deserve that.


  • Donor and Family Health History:
    By partnering with top clinicians, we have ensured that our donors receive a comprehensive health evaluation. We ensure that each donor undergoes a full genetic screening, physical examination, psychological evaluation, and reproductive health testing.  You can also find information about a donor's family to provide transparency of any risk for inheritable or non-inheritable conditions.


3.  Egg Shipment:
 If you have opted to work with a fertility clinic of your choice and have received your payment and necessary documents, we will begin coordinating shipping. We will ensure that your fertility clinic's lab has everything it needs to receive the shipment of frozen eggs. It is also important to note that we can ship your frozen eggs to a clinic located anywhere around the world, helping your journey be limitless.  

4. Cycling:
Your reproductive endocrinologist will work with you to ensure that all appropriate screening and diagnostic testing has been completed before your embryo transfer cycle starts. We will ensure to coordinate the safe transfer of the selected frozen eggs or embryos(if you select fresh eggs) so they are ready for the next steps in your fertility journey.

5. Pregnancy:
We anticipate a pregnancy, wishfully, on the first try!

Guarantee Program & Success Rates

Guarantee Program

Over the last few years, thousands of babies worldwide have been born through infertility treatments using frozen eggs. It is a program that many find fitting, and they discover additional reassurance through our guarantee program.

Our program will allow you to purchase 8 frozen eggs (before PGT testing) at an all-inclusive price and ensures parents can select two blastocysts from those eggs they wish to fertilize. So long as you meet our guarantee eligibility standards, we will provide an additional egg lot from the donor you had picked or another available donor to honor our 2 blastocysts guarantee.

Chosen eggbank highest success rates frozen eggs

Success Rates

The success rate of frozen egg donation varies, depending on factors like the age and health of the recipient as well as the quality and skill level of the fertility clinic. Generally, frozen egg donation success rates have improved significantly in recent years due to advances in freezing technology (vitrification), which has improved the survival rates of frozen eggs. Frozen donor egg cycles now have a comparable live birth rate to fresh-donor cycles while simultaneously being a financially accessible option.

We have consistently achieved outstanding results, and we have seen remarkable outcomes for our patients using frozen donor eggs. You can view our donors with frozen eggs in our Donor Egg Bank by using a filter option so that during your search, it can be narrowed to reflect donors with frozen eggs available.

The success rate in thawing the eggs in the laboratory we use is over 96%, and 75% in preparing good embryos on day 5 or 6.
Our egg bank does not freeze in multiple laboratories, we work with only 2 laboratories so that we have control to give you the best results in egg freezing, thawing, and embryo preparation.
Our egg bank can send frozen eggs or prepared embryos to your clinic in the US or anywhere in the world.

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Frozen donor eggs

Our Donor Database

 Full Cycle Vs. Egg Bank

Full Cycle vs. Egg Bank, Which is right for you? In this section, we compare the differences between full cycle and fresh or frozen donor eggs.
Chosen eggbank innovated laboratory
Chosen eggbank jewish egg bank
Chosen eggbank egg donors
Frozen donor eggs
The Largest Donor Database

We give you full, 24/7 access to the most giant frozen donor eggs in the US. We'll help you work out your criteria and match your needs to our donors, giving you all the information we can about every egg donor in our database.
In our unique database, you will see in the profile of the donor 30 photos of the donor and a video of her talking about the process.

We won't limit your choices to our recommendations, and we'll support you in your decisions from the widest choice available. Once you've found your match, we can plan your treatment cycle immediately without waiting.

The Best Success Rates

We select our donors with great care to ensure that only the highest quality eggs are provided. Our donors are screened in line with the FDA's strict requirements and are accepted only when they have passed rigorous medical, psychological, and genetic assessments.

Our outstanding track record and excellent results are among the best on record, with a 95% egg survival rate after freezing and above 78% cumulative pregnancy rates per egg donation cycle.

Proven Expertise

We're the only egg bank in the US, focusing exclusively on providing the highest quality donor eggs. We manage all ovarian stimulations, egg retrievals, and vitrification with proven protocols developed through years of experience in managing donors' cycles. We work alongside top tier specialists in the IVF sector. We do not wish to be a large egg bank with 30 service clinics, we aspire to be an egg bank concierge and closely monitor the entire process, from the moment of filtering the donor to the retrieval of the eggs and the quality of the freezing.
Our EggBank focuses on donors and their eggs, with specialist laboratory systems and expert staff.

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