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At Chosen Egg Bank, we empower and guide individuals to embark on the remarkable journey of creating new life. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the provision of top-tier donor oocytes. By exclusively partnering with clinics that incorporate cutting-edge technology and our meticulous donor screening, Chosen Egg Bank has emerged as the premier destination for all your egg donor needs.
Chosen EggBank Best success rates
Chosen EggBank Best success rates

Your International Premier Egg Bank

Steps to Find an Egg Donor

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You can visit our Donor Portal and start your search for a donor. Registration is required, but once complete, you can browse through hundreds of donors based on your preferences.



Choose a Donor

The quest to find a donor is a very personal journey. Within our database we offer refined filters empowering you to tailor your search, ensuring you discover donors who align with your criteria. Also as the sole egg bank showcasing over 30 photos across all age groups, supplemented by insightful videos, we provide an unprecedented level of transparency. We are always looking to expand options for parents by incorporating new donors on a weekly basis. We are also delighted to reach out to you as soon as fresh batches of frozen donors become available, tailored to your individual interests.

Chosen EggBank egg donor and frozen eggs
Chosen EggBank call schedule

Upon selecting the ideal egg donor and program that aligns with your preferences, we will finalize the details, confirming both the chosen donor and the medical team participating in the process. In the case you proceed with the frozen bank program, intended parents are granted the flexibility to commence the journey at their convenience. To kickstart your journey, schedule a call with our team and let's embark on this path together!

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Contact our coordinators


Coordinating Shipping

If you have opted to work with a fertility clinic of your choice and have finalized the payment and agreement on our team’s end, we will begin coordinating with your clinic. We will ensure that your fertility clinic's lab has everything it needs to receive the shipment of frozen eggs. It is also important to note that you can ship your frozen eggs/embryos to a clinic anywhere worldwide, ensuring your journey remains limitless.

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Chosen Egg bank best service

Synergizing to Achieve Dreams, Together.

With years of dedicated service, our commitment to this industry remains unwavering.
Our journey began with just one egg donor, and today, we have extended our reach to
assist hundreds of families. What started as a small team with ambitious dreams has now
evolved into a larger, united force, serving a greater number of people than ever before.
We wholeheartedly believe in our capacity to make a meaningful impact in the world. Rest assured, we are here to continue our service to assist in the building of families for many more years to come.
Chosen EggBank Logo premier egg bank
Chosen eggbank experienced legal team, consultants, and counselors are unwavering in their dedication
chosen egg bank international donor eggs
Chosen Egg Bank is a leading institution specializing in fresh and frozen egg donation services forget about
Chosen eggbank highest donor quality and providing exceptional service
Chosen EggBank Best success rates
Chosen EggBank Best success rates
Chosen egg bank affordable
Save Money

Frozen donor eggs give you peace of mind that your cycle plans will not be disrupted by an egg donor who fails a screening, has a low ovarian reserve or is unable to produce the number of eggs desired.

Chosen Egg Bank excels in global fresh and frozen egg donation services
Start Now

The egg donors on the database have eggs frozen for your immediate use so you can cycle sooner without the months of delay that come with traditional donor IVF treatment.

 chosen eggbank best service
Maximize Success

Our success rates are comparable to traditional donor IVF cycles with a commitment to maximize your chance of success so you can feel reassured your efforts to expanding your family is being best utilized”

 chosen eggbank save you money

High-quality donor eggs are a result of proven protocols and individualized attention.  Stringent protocols are optimal as they are safer for egg donors and produce high-quality mature eggs.

Chosen eggbank ship worldwide
Faster Process

As the donated eggs are already available, you can start the donor egg IVF whenever you are ready without having to wait for the donor’s convenience or preparation.




At Chosen Egg Bank, we acknowledge that one single path to parenthood does not exist, thus our job is to create multiple paths that fit our client's needs. This was the concept behind establishing our very own Frozen Egg Donor Bank. We know that becoming a parent is both the most difficult and rewarding experience of one's life, so we offer recipients an option to make the process of selecting a donor as seamless as possible. Our egg bank makes it possible for recipients to choose a donor based on several filters that align with their requirements. This permits our intended parents to explore more options that aim to reduce the worry and hassles of a full cycle while providing feasible rates and successful results.

Find the Chosen Donor for You

All families have a unique story. That means that finding a suitable egg donor is all about what feels right for your family. Start your search with the characteristic that you find most important.

Our bank is the only bank in the world that shows you a video and recent photos of the donor
Click now for more information and photos.

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