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Real Egg Donor and Real photos!

Egg Donor 1235

In July 2022 I started my journey with

Chosen EggBank. 

I was nervous and excited, I had never been to the States and I wasn't familiar with the medical treatment. Chosen EggBank made me feel so safe and informed. It was in all in the little things, the hotel, the close contact. I felt Chosen ❤️

    Egg Donor 522

    My amazing experience on CEB started 2 years ago, and since then I have completed 4 successful cycles,
    The support I received during the whole process gave me the feeling that I was not alone, I felt that "my father and mother" were always there for me, the process gave me the feeling that I was a good person and gave me meaning in how to look at life.
    Thank you very much CEB for allowing me to join your bank.


    Egg Donor 1057

    I am incredibly grateful for my experience as an egg donor with Chosen Group. They looked after me and made me feel safe every step of the way. They did not only take care of my physical well-being but also supported me emotionally. And they still do, as I am now, very happily, entering another donation cycle with them.

    It fills my heart with joy to know that I played a part in helping someone become a parent. Seeing the happiness and love that come from these connections is an amazing reward. I want to thank TCO for making this wonderful journey possible.

    Egg Donor 515

    My experience with Chosen Egg Bank and the medical staff was amazing.
    I felt that I was important to them.

    Thank you very much for the special experience, I will definitely be happy to do another cycle soon...


    Egg Donor 516


      I am grateful for selecting Chosen Egg Bank as my agency to support couples in building their families. They have made this journey incredibly fulfilling by being with me every step of the way throughout the egg donation process. They took care of me and treated me not only as a donor but as a part of their family. If the opportunity arises, I would willingly embark on this journey with Chosen Egg Bank again. ❤

      Egg Donor 1107

      Their staff members are highly accommodating and patiently addressed all our inquiries regarding becoming a donor. Their CEO is hands-on, and I appreciate her commitment to ensuring donors feel comfortable throughout the egg donation process. I wholeheartedly give the entire Chosen Egg Bank team a 5-star rating for their exceptional teamwork, starting from the day I decided to become a donor until the day of my donation.


      Egg Donor 1298

      To become a donor is such a fulfilling choice and I am so grateful to be able to help couples dream to create a family that they've dreamed of. To my Chosen Egg Bank Family, I am very thankful to be able to share this journey with you and for taking good care of me from the beginning until the end of the process. You made my experience a wonderful one. I highly recommend the Chosen Egg Bank to everyone who wants to become an Egg Donor. 💓


      Egg Donor 1239

      I really appreciate Chosen EggBank team's support and help along the way. I know the process took a little longer to get the certificate, but I'm super happy with how everything turned out and how amazing the CEB team was throughout the process. Most of all, I am ecstatic to have been able to help a family - thank you for working with me and all your patience throughout the past year to help make that happen. :)


        Egg Donor 757

        The act of giving to another person is a wonderful experience. I am grateful that I was able to fulfill the dreams and hopes of other couples by being able to provide them with what they desire most -- a family. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

          Egg Donor 767

          The staff was extremely helpful and supportive during the process of applying to become an egg donor. From the day I signed up to the end of my retrieval. They are full of passion when it comes to helping other couples. Their commitment to this journey gave me confidence that I was making the right choice. The staff was very friendly and easy to talk to. They made sure that I was comfortable with my decision at all times. I would definitely recommend Chosen Egg Bank as a donor agency because of the great care they have given me throughout this process. 💞

          2323 copy.JPG

          Egg Donor 732

          I had an incredible experience as an egg donor with Chosen Egg Bank. Their caring team guided me through the process with clarity and empathy. The thorough medical and psychological screenings showed their commitment to donor and recipient well-being. The agency's professionalism and support were unwavering, making the journey smooth and gratifying. I'm proud to have been a part of their efforts to create families. If you're considering egg donation, this agency's respect for donors and recipients alike, along with their seamless process, make them an excellent choice.

          Egg Donor 742

          I was interested in becoming a donor but had no idea what it entailed. The team at Chosen Egg Bank guided me through every step ensuring that I was well-informed and taken exceptional care of. They made the experience of providing this gift smoother than I could have imagined and am forever grateful. They were always reachable, took care of all accommodations, and arranged necessary appointments making it a seamless experience.


          Egg Donor 752

          I embarked on my egg donation journey with Chosen Egg Bank, and I can't emphasize enough how extraordinary the experience has been. Their team exudes warmth, and their commitment to donors is truly exceptional. They patiently addressed all my queries, ensuring I felt comfortable at every stage. With a heartfelt thank you, I award Chosen Egg Bank a well-deserved 5-star rating for their impeccable service and dedication.

            Egg Donor 831

            Selecting Chosen Egg Bank was a life-changing decision for me. Their support was not just professional but also deeply compassionate. They held my hand through the entire process, making sure I was well-informed and comfortable. The CEO's hands-on approach is a testament to their commitment. I can't thank Chosen Egg Bank enough for the incredible journey and the chance to make a difference in others' lives.


            Egg Donor 863

            When I was chosen to be an egg donor for a family, I felt excited and nervous at the same time. Chosen Egg Bank made my experience easy and fulfilling by helping me along every step of the way. The clinic staff is friendly and professional. All my appointments ran smoothly, thanks to the help of the doctor and nurses. I loved my overall experience during the process. It was a great experience, and I recommend it to anyone considering donating their eggs.

            ED# 1045_edited.jpg

            Egg Donor 1045

            I have had the pleasure of working with Chosen Egg Bank for 3 years, I have donated 6 times, and each time I have had an excellent experience with the clinics and their staff.
            I am blessed to have found good people, I felt I had support from my family away from home as the team was there anytime I needed them. I highly recommend anyone considering donating to talk to them.

            ED# 1045a_edited.jpg
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