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Why work with Us?

We are a team of professionals who have been working in the industry for many years. Our team has been exposed to many families and their long race to become parents. We have found that parents oftentimes are looking to find a reliable, optimal, fast, and cost-effective solution to assist them in expanding their families. This is why we have founded our Chosen Egg Bank. 

We offer safe and secure egg donation services at top-rated and renowned clinics. We guarantee that our team and the hand-chosen clinical team of professionals will track, monitor, and oversee the egg donation process. We collaborate with clinical staff with high expertise and years of experience working with egg donors and parents. Though incredible results with Frozen eggs have been apparent over the years, those who are highly skilled to handle them must be in place. At Chosen Egg Bank, we strive to work with the most highly trained professionals specializing in Frozen Eggs to ensure the highest possible results. Collaboratively, we are here to ensure that every step of the donation process is conducted with the highest level of care by using ​​specialized laboratories and the most advanced technologies for optimal results. We believe in providing high-quality care for all our patients, so they take extra measures to ensure your safety is always a top priority. 

What to expect when you work with Chosen Egg Bank?

You can expect comprehensive support and guidance from our team of professional egg donation experts. We are dedicated to focusing on the details that are crucial to achieving positive outcomes. Providing your patients with exceptional, compassionate care and guidance that aligns with the level of quality they would receive from you.

From our initial recruitment and development of protocols through the selection criteria, we maintain complete oversight over this process, and we will be there with you every step of the way.





















Chosen EggBank Clinic and lab

* State-of-the-art care

We understand that the journey to parenthood varies for each individual or couple. That is why our goal with the Chosen Egg Bank Program was to offer multiple pathways tailored to meet the unique needs of every parent. This program allows your patients to explore more options, not only ensuring minimal hurdles but also increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes.


​* Access to Shared Platform and Donor Database

Chosen Egg Bank gives the clinics access to the most diverse selection of donors, and we have been the world's best and only egg bank, providing intended parents with 30 photos uploaded and a short video introduction from our donors. Our egg donors are carefully selected and represent diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. By providing your patients with access to our donor database, you assist them in finding the most suitable match for their unique family-building aspirations. 

Our freezing protocols:

The freezing protocol for donor eggs is also known as oocyte cryopreservation. This process allows eggs harvested from a donor to be stored in a frozen state for an extended period, without losing their competency, to be fertilized later and developed into a full-term pregnancy.


Cryolock serves as a versatile and efficient tool for the vitrification process, uniquely designed to facilitate the cryopreservation and storage of oocytes or embryos in liquid nitrogen.


Throughout the entire freezing protocol, the Cryolock device ensures that the embryo or oocyte remains in a minimal volume, which increases the chance of success in the vitrification and warming stages. The device itself is designed to provide high visibility of the specimen at all steps of the process.

The duration between the triggering event and the vitrification process is estimated to be around 39 hours. During cryolock preservation, each straw is utilized to store 2 eggs.

Here are the stages of the streamlined warming protocol for cryo lock:


Chosen EggBank frozen donor eggs Technology
Chosen EggBank frozen donor eggs Technology
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